Greyhounds Racing in Canada

Greyhound racing is an old racing sport which is quite similar to horse racing with the difference of using greyhounds instead of horses. The game originated in the United Kingdom and has spread throughout the world to cover all the major countries like Canada, the US, Australia, Spain, and so on. It has quickly caught the attention of the gambling industry that has been offering greyhound betting for decades.

The excitement and the thrill that ensue when you watch those sturdy and feisty animals go for that prize is what has kept the sport alive and ever so popular among Canadian punters.


Although greyhound racing has seen many objections from animal protection organizations in recent years, it is still seen as a legal practice and Canadians, among many others, can wager freely on the outcome of greyhound races without any worries of the legality of greyhound betting.

There are two types of greyhound racing: track racing that is typically done around an oval track and coursing. Track racing uses an artificial lure which the hounds chase around the entire track until they cross the finish line, whereas coursing usually involves dogs chasing a hare by sight and the dog that catches a hare first — wins the race. Of course, the dogs end up eating the hare, so it is a type of greyhound racing that is not so pleasant to behold.

For you to get closely acquainted with the options of greyhound betting, we have prepared this short guide that will tell you where and how to place your bets. Read on!

Greyhound Racing Betting Types

There are various types of bets you can exploit and that can help you greatly with greyhound betting. The following are the most ubiquitous ones and are punters’ natural choices.

  • Single Bet — A single bet is the bread and butter of greyhound betting. This bet allows you to bet on the winner of the race, the dog’s position in the race or both. It is an excellent way to get started.
  • Forecast Bet  — Yet another simple and effective type of bet in greyhound betting is the forecast bet. This bet lets you wager money on the winner and the runner-up. The reverse forecast bet allows you to trade places of the winner and the runner-up, thus doubling your chances.
  • Trifecta Bet — Trifecta bet is similar to forecast bet but, apart from the winner and the runner-up, it includes a third place. The odds for this bet are naturally higher, making a possible win quite substantial.
  • Quinella Bet — Quinella bet is a bet where you get to choose the top two selections, but they can win in either order. So the dog you thought would be a winner can come up second, and runner-up can be the first, and you would still walk away with cash in your hands.
  • Pick 3/6 Bets — Pick 3 or pick 6 is a simple type of bet where you bet on the winner of 3 or 6 consecutive races, respectively. The payouts for this type of bets are massive, but the chances are quite slim which make this bet one of the least possible in greyhound betting.

Best Greyhound Betting Sites in Canada

Considering how popular and exciting greyhound betting is, you would do well to choose the ones best suited for you. Look no further, because we have prepared a list of Canada-friendly sportsbooks that focus on giving the best possible service to Canadian players, starting from CAD as currency to other available payment methods, and so on. Check them out!


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