Baseball is considered to be one of the most popular sports in North America and has captivated audiences for well over one hundred years. Both Americans and Canadians enjoy Baseball betting because of the game dynamics and the skills of baseball players.

The interest in the game of baseball exceeds the alluring nature of the game itself and transcends to the sphere of sports betting. Baseball betting belongs to the group of most sought after types of sports betting, and Canadian punters have resorted to it for a very long time.

Baseball player at professional baseball stadium in evening during a game.


This comes as no surprise as Canadians are very familiar with the game as it has been played in Canada since the late 19th century across various levels of competition. Around 75 cities and towns across Canada have been home to one of the minor league teams, and two teams have even reached Major League baseball competition, with the current one being Toronto Blue Jays as the members of American League East division.

Being proper connoisseurs of the game, we are sure that most Canadian punters have been very successful at baseball betting, but for those of you who need a bit more clarification of how baseball betting works, we have prepared this article that covers all you need to know before placing your bets.

We shall begin with a list of Canada-friendly betting sites that are specialized in the Canadian market and continue with the most common types of baseball bets and many more. Stay tuned!

In the following paragraphs, you will get familiar with the most common baseball betting options found with Canadian sportsbooks.


Baseball Moneyline bet, or otherwise known as Straight Up bet, is a type of wager that lets you choose the winner of the game without a point spread. If your team wins the game, the money is yours. The team that has a negative sign attached to it, for example -120 is the favourite, which means that you will need to wager $120 to win $100. Of course, you can always wager more or less than that, and the possible wins are calculated accordingly.


Runline is the equivalent of the handicap bet in football or the spread point bet in NFL. You can win this type of bet by covering more or less of the spread. The favourite teams are also displayed with the negative sign and specific points they need to cover to win. If the spread is, let’s say, -3.5, the favourite team needs to win with 4 or more points for you to win the wager.

The spread can also be focused on the other team, usually displayed with a plus sign and the number of points, such as +2.5, which means that the team needs to either win or lose with less than 2.5 points margin for you to cash in on that bet.

Team Totals

Team Totals is a baseball betting option that allows you to bet on how many runs the individual team will have by the end of the game. The odds for this type of bet vary and rival even those of the Runline bets.

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