Golf in Canada

You don’t have to play golf to enjoy betting on this fantastic sport. Even though the Tiger mania is slowly waning, golf is still regarded as one of the most popular sports out there. For many Canadians who closely follow this sport, golf Canada betting is one of favourite leisure activities.

Luckily for them, there are hundreds of golf tournaments that regularly take place throughout the year. Therefore, golf fans have plenty of options to place bets on their favourite players.

Golf Canada Tournaments

Without a doubt, the most popular golf tournaments are the majors. The first major in a line of tournaments starts in April and ends in July. The full list includes Masters Tournament, PGA Championship, the U.S. Open, as well as the Open Championship.

However, for golf betting fans, the fun doesn’t stop there since there are many more tournaments to bet on.

Some other popular competitions among fans and bettors alike are the Open Championship, Travelers Championship, British Masters, and also the Ryder Cup — a small tournament where golfers from the US and Europe compete.

Types of Golf Bets in Canada

As is the case with every other sport and type of betting out there, golf betting provides punters with an opportunity to place multiple types of bets. Considering the nature of golf and that it is a slow-paced sport, sportsbooks often include an option for live betting. Sportsbooks may also include new bets or a variation to an already existing bet type.

Here are some of the most common bet types you can expect to see if you opt for golf betting.

  • 1st-Round Winner is a type of bet where you bet on the winner of the first tournament round.

  • Head to Head allows you to choose between two players and bet on who’s going to be ahead without necessarily winning the tournament.

  • 6-Shooter provides you with a group of six similarly skilled golfers chosen by the sportsbook. The goal of this type of bet is to correctly predict the fantasy group winner.

  • Hole in One is the most common type of golf bet. It lets you guess if a player will hit a hole in one. This actually happens quite often so the odds are not as high as one might think.

  • Double Chance is a type of bet where you get to pick two tournament winners; if either of them wins, so do you.

Golf Canada Betting — Tips and Tricks

Before you start getting into golf betting, there are several things you need to pay attention to in order to make a successful bet. The most important factor to take into account when placing a bet is performance. Even if you follow golf closely, take some additional time to research the performance of the players participating in the tournament and find your favourite.

The second piece of advice is to make the most of in-play betting. As we’ve mentioned, the game of golf is slow-paced and the odds often change, sometimes even during the game. If you manage to use that to your advantage, golf betting can provide you with substantially better odds, which can also mean turning a bigger profit.

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