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Northwest Territories

Sports Betting in Northwest Territories

Canada’s Northwest Territories is the third-largest land area in the country. The territory is located in the northernmost part of the country and is not typically thought of as a major gambling area. The population is formed of less than 45,000 individuals and the tourism industry is only alive during certain times of the year. Northwest Territories sports betting is legal, and the same applies to bingo and the lottery. Land-based casinos could also be placed in the region, but this hasn’t happened due to the low population and somewhat isolated nature of the area.


Sports Betting in Nunavut

Nunavut is the newest and largest territory in Canada with a population of only 38,000 people. It was part of the Northwest Territories until 1999, when it was separated as part of the biggest Aboriginal land claim settlement in the history of the nation.Many of the residents here actually enjoy gambling and with limited gambling options on land, more people are choosing to make their bets online.

Nova Scotia

Sports Betting in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is the second-smallest province in Canada wi , and yet a huge number of the population loves to gamble. Over the past few decades, Nova Scotia has grown to become one of the gambling hotbeds of Canada. Unfortunately, it can be a little difficult finding information on how to find the best Nova Scotia gambling sites.

Legal gambling is available throughout the province in the form of a provincial lottery, horse racing, land-based casinos, and sports betting.

British Columbia

Sports Betting in British Columbia

Sports betting is very popular in British Columbia (BC). The province is home to rapid sports featuring local teams, and is also the most populated in Canada. As British Columbia is also a popular tourist destination, the province is home to 17 casinos, ranging in size and quality. The most extensive casino in the province is The River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond (part of Metro Vancouver).


Sports Betting in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a landlocked province with large distances to moderating bodies of waters. As a result, its climate is extremely continental, rendering severe winters throughout the province. Southern areas have very warm or hot summers. Midale and Yellow Grass (both near the U.S. border) are tied for the highest ever recorded temperatures in Canada, with 45 °C (113 °F) observed at both locations on July 5, 1937. In winter, temperatures below −45 °C (−49 °F) are possible even in the south during extreme cold snaps. All sports betting activities within the province go through a service known as Sport Select, which is also available in the Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alberta, Western Canada and Manitoba.


Sports Betting in Québec

In Quebec, betting online is easy. The minimum requirements you need is to be at least 18-years-old, have a registered e-mail address, and some cash (about $10.00). Registering is fast and easy. Most books will require a minimum deposit, although you can use many forms of payment such as a credit card, a money order, or go through third-party depositing sites that take more forms of payment (like debit). Some of the sports you can bet on are you can bet on  golfboxing or MMAtennisbasketballbaseballfootballhockey and soccer.

Prince Edward Island

Betting in Prince Edward Island

The main island and the 231 minor islands that are part of the Prince Edward Island jurisdiction are the home to 140,000 people. On Prince Edward Island, there are, of course, opportunities to play at brick and mortar gaming establishes. Live gaming is available in various forms however, despite the fact that there are no online gaming companies that are licensed by the government, there are plenty of foreign casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms that are licensed by other entities at which those on the island can play.


Sports Betting in Manitoba

Manitoba is a western province in Canada that’s most recognized for agricultural production. The landscape is dotted with lakes and rivers, and most of the cultural and athletic activities in the area are centered in Winnipeg. Casino gambling is legal in the province, and the same goes for sports betting. The focus of this article is on the latter, especially athletic contests that can be wagered on and the restrictions put in place by the local government.


Sports Betting in Yukon

When it comes to sports betting in Yukon, the only legalized version offered to the nearly 36,000 people who call the Territory home is the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation’s Sport Select. Open to bettors in Yukon, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, this option requires that bettors play a parlay of a minimum of three games.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Betting

Sports betting in the province of New Brunswick is organized by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC). It offers its customers several types of sports betting which don’t differ much from other Canadian provinces. These include:

  • Pro-Line, Pro-Line Fantasy
  • Pro-Line Futures and Stadium-Bets
  • Online sports betting games are offered by ALC’s ProLineStadium.com web portal.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Betting

Newfoundland and Labrador might be one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, but it hardly has a thriving gambling scene, with a bingo hall and a few electronic machines the only notable exceptions to the rule.

If you are based in this area, betting online is the way to go:


Ontario Sports Betting

Canada has legalised online sports betting sites that are licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Authority, but it does not address offshore sites in law, which means you can also bet with them. Some of the biggest betting companies in the world, including Bet365 and William Hill, accept customers from Ontario.

Several professional sports teams are based in Ontario.


Sports Betting in Alberta

Alberta has a population of just over four million and like much of Canada does not have many laws addressing online sports or casino wagering. The province has various forms of regulated land-based gambling, including casinos, bingo halls, horse racing (both standardbred and thoroughbred) and massive lottery draws.

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