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Only a handful of news portals show the true form of a story. When it comes to online sports news, the number comes down even further. Canada Sports News has taken the initiative to fill the void with up to date sports news from around the world. About anything and everything.

Our commitment to you is that we will provide you with all the important news of the day. It is our goal to keep our readers up to date the relevant events in the sports world. Our writers make sure of absolute quality and authenticity.

We collect news from reliable sources and we don’t publish news without confirming the authenticity. Characteristic of a good sports news portal is always publishing accurate and up to date information and that’s exactly what we are striving to do at Canada Sports News.

As a provider of true information, we believe you should know about every aspect of the sports world. Legal News, NHL, NBA, Canadian Sports, other sports from around the world. You name it, we cover it.

Our team consists of four spectacular personnel led by writing veteran Christian Edwards, who work very hard to provide you the full story in the shortest time possible. They are all very capable in their work and that has enabled us to boast about our professionalism and passion.

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Meet The Team

About Us

Christian Edwards

Chief Editor

A massive sports fan and an avid writer who specialises in sports news. After working as a freelance author in the Canadian sports scene for almost 10 years, Christian was one of the first members to join Canada Sports News and since then always made sure to give our readers the best highlights. He is the guy that brings versatility to our news.

About Us

Matthew Davis


Another travel freak. He is European. So he travels all along Europe a lot. We collect necessary information from Matthew when it comes to Europe. He travels to different countries and kills two birds with one stone. All our European readers out there, say thanks to Matthew for his amazing contribution to the site.

About Us

Kate Thompson

Senior Editor

Meet the legal expert of the team. She reads a lot. But she’s not a nerd. She covers the legal bases of our business. She keeps track of everything that’s happening around the world and finds out what’s worth your time. Changes in policy, tax information, political news, etc. complex knowledge are all her contributions.

About Us

Jessica Anderson


The tech girl. Anything new happening in the tech industry? She would know it. She has information on all the gadgets that come out. Her curiosity for technical information has enabled us to provide you with relevant information from the industry. If there is any new development, we’ll let you know thanks to her.