Tom Brady’s Mistake Hands Chicago a Win Over Tampa Bay, 20-19

  • The Chicago Bears triumphed against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 20-19.
  • Tom Brady made a mistake while counting downs, which saw him ruining the last chance for the Bucs to win.
  • Nick Foles once again defeated Brady, and his Bears are now 4-1. 

Brady’s Shock

The guy who won six Super Bowls and four Super Bowl MVP trophies made an amateur mistake last night. While chasing Chicago’s lead, he wasted all four downs, miscounting the number of attempts, believing that the Bucs have one more try. 

However, his incomplete pass to Cameron Brate was the last play of the game for Tampa Bay, leaving Brady shocked. 

“We just could never get in any rhythm in the second half. Just poor execution. If you don’t execute on first and second down, you have third-and-forever, and those are tough to convert time after time after time,” he said, following the match.  

Brady ended the game with 253 yards, one TD pass, and one fumble. The Bucs started the match superbly, reaching a 13-0 lead during the middle of the second period. The first drive of the game resulted in a field goal. With just under a minute left until the end of the opening sequence, Mike Evans caught a two-yard pass for a TD, while Ryan Succop once again made a field goal at 7:53 inside the second. 

Chicago’s Burst

The Bears delivered two touchdowns in 72 seconds. First, David Montgomery rushed the football for three yards, carrying it into the endzone. This was followed by a superb defensive effort of the Bears’ CB Kyle Fuller, who tackled Ke’Shawn Vaughn forcing a fumble that ended in Robert Quinn’s possession.

Shortly after, Nick Foles hit Jimmy Graham with a 12-yard pass that saw the hosts taking over the lead, 14-13. 

“He always plays hard. He had that same hit I feel like four weeks ago. It went the other way,” Khalil Mack said fo Fuller and his play. 

The second half saw a defense festival, with the kickers in the main roles, Cairo Santos on one and Ryan Succop on the other side. It was the first one who ended up a hero after scoring a field goal from 38 yards, 1:13 before the end. 

Nick Foles threw 243 yards in this one, for one TD, but had an interception and a fumble.

“He always plays hard. He had that same hit I feel like four weeks ago. It went the other way,” Super Bowl champ with Philly said. 

On the other side, Brady, who again lost to Foles, had 153 yards, with one TD and one fumble. 

His Buccaneers meet the surging Green Bay Packers next week and have a massive task to stop Aaron Rodgers. After that, they are visiting Las Vegas and the Raiders. 

As for the Bears, who are 4-1 now, they have two road matches coming up. The first is against the Panthers in Charlotte and, after that, against the Rams in Los Angeles. 

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