Tampa Bay Buccaneers Survive Monday Night Football in New York, Defeat the Giants, 25-23

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers secured a win over the Giants in the last moments of Monday’s game.
  • The referees’ controversial decision where they threw a flag and then withdrew the same solved the game.
  • New York was up, having a chance to win, but Daniel Jones’ mistakes allowed the guests to come back.

Controversial Decision Prevents Giants’ Comeback

New York got within two points after Golden Tate’s touchdown with 28 seconds left. With a two-point conversion, they would tie the game and make it much more interesting.

But a highly controversial situation happened during that two-point conversion. Jones’ pass was heading towards RB Dion Lewis when Sean Murphy-Bunting prevented him from catching it. At first, one of the officials threw the flag, indicating that the Bucs’ safety made a pass interference. However, shortly after, that same official picked up the flag, following a short discussion with the rest of his colleagues.

It was a pretty unpleasant surprise for the Giants’ head coach Joe Judge.

“I thought field judge Nate Jones made the right call when he threw the flag,” Judge said. “So, I’m not sure why it got picked up. “

On the other side, Bruce Arians was more than sure that the call was right.

“Well, the ball hit Antoine in the back. To me, there was no pass interference — I thought it was a good call,” he said.

Shortly after, the match was over, and the Bucs got their sixth win of the year. On the other side, the Giants are 1-7 right now.

Jones’ Mistakes Allow Tampa Bay’s Comeback

It seems that the host might have a big lead at halftime, once Wayne Gallman rushed for two yards adding the second TD of the game for the Giants. With 1:46 remaining in the second, NYG were up 14-3. 

Yet, they would allow the Bucs to reach into a field-goal range, making it possible for Ryan Succop to score from 40 yards. 

During the start of the third, he once again hit an FG, this time from 43 yards, shifting the momentum onto Bucs’ side. What preceded this was Daniel Jones’ interception, his first of two tonight. 

The latter one came with the Giants’ trailing 17-15, and the consequence was even worse – touchdown. Mike Evans caught the ball, making it 22-15, and after that, Succop once again hit the field goal.

Jones currently has 13 turnovers in eight games and is among the worst QBs in the league when it comes to this category. He had 256 yards for two TDs and picks and was sacked three times. Those two scoring tosses headed towards Golden Tata and Dion Lewis. 

On the other side, Tom Brady didn’t have any turnovers, throwing for two TDs and 279 yards. One of his TD passes was to Rob Gronkowski, who was looking good with four receptions for 41 yards. As mentioned above, Mike Evans had one himself, with 55 yards in five receptions. 

The Buccaneers have a big divisional matchup against the New Orleans Saints at home next week. Meanwhile, the Giants are heading for DC to meet Washington Football Team. 

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