LA Rams Dominant Win Over Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football, 24-10

  • Rams defeated their conference rivals without any problems.
  • LA’s defense was excellent, and was the key to this win.
  • The Bears had multiple problems in the offense, but the offensive line’s bad performance was the biggest.

Excellent Response From the Rams

After suffering a pretty painful defeat against the San Francisco 49ers last week, the LA Rams pull themselves together, delivering a massive response against one of the league’s best teams. 

They didn’t have any problems throughout the entire contest with the Bears, and even when it seemed that the guests might make a move, the Rams’ response was taking care of the situation.

“You go into a game every week with the same mindset no matter who you’re playing against or who’s on the opposite side,” said Aaron Donald. 

He and the rest of the Rams’ defense were exceptional, hurting the Bears constantly. Leonard Floyd had two sacks, the entire team four. Overall, the hosts’ defenders were constantly pressuring Nick Foles and his whole offensive line, making them uncomfortable throughout all four quarters.

LA had two picks, one from Jalen Ramsey and the second by Taylor Rapp, who intercepted the ball into the end zone. It was a massive swing for the Rams, who would go on to score on the very next possession, going up to 24-3.

Jared Goff had 219 yards, and two touchdown passes, leading his offense nicely and without any problems. His TD tosses were towards Josh Reynolds and Gerald Everet, while Malcolm Brown rushed for one score on the ground.

Rams’ punter Johnny Hekker had five punts, all of them inside the Chicago 20. 

Pale Bears Get a Reality Check

After starting the year with 5 wins and a loss, the Bears were considered one of the potential Super Bowl contenders. Though, this match showed that they still have to work a lot before reaching up that level. Even though their defense is one of the best in the league, the offensive unit is, well, a mediocre one. That was especially noticeable last night. 

Nick Foles struggled again, throwing for 261 yards, without a touchdown, but with two interceptions. His protection was bad, and the Bears lost 31 yards on four sacks. The leading rusher David Montgomery had just 48 rushing yards on 14 carries, and the entire team 49, compared to 161 the Rams had. 

“This is hard, I’ve never really been a part of this before. It’s a situation that’s frustrating for all of us…when you care so much and are trying so hard, that’s the part that stings,” Bears’ head coach Matt Nagy told following the match, being visibly frustrated.

Eddie Jackson, Chicago’s safety, brought the only touchdown for the visiting side in this match, after returning the fumble. Yet that wasn’t enough to change anything.

The Bears have two Super Bowl contenders as opponents in the next two rounds, the Saints at home, and the Titans on the road. 

As for the Rams, they visit the Dolphins before coming back home to face the Seahawks. 

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